Personally we are more keen on taking the Series 5 for a spin than smashing it open to reveal its insides. But hey whatever takes your fancy. Those who are more prone to can-opening the latest gadgets need look no further than iFixit, who have posted a teardown of the Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook.

The Series 5 doesn't even arrive until the 24th June and already its interiors have been shown off for all to see. The idea is that the Samsung internals are compared to that of Google's own Cr-48 to see how things have changed.

First major comparison of note is that RAM in the Samsung Series 5 is non upgradeable. That's right, that 2GB of DDR3 RAM is soldered on. Second is that the CR-48 has a removable battery accessible from outside the machine, the Samsung needs to be opened in order to switch things out. The one definite similarity is that both laptops boast a SanDisk 16GB SSD for whatever else you can't fit into Google's somewhat massive cloud.

Power-wise the Samsung managed an extra 512k L2 cache than the Cr-48. iFixit also gave it a meagre 6 out of 10 on the repairs front. So for those who do feel the need to take their tech apart on release, don't expect to be putting the Samsung Series 5 back together particularly easily. The display however is easy to remove, so an accidental smash of the 12.1 inch LED backlit display is not such a major worry. 

Breaking up gadgets prior to their release is becoming somewhat of a tradition nowadays. We have the iPad double teardown and those who enjoy smashing technology in shop queues. Stop being so destructive, laptops are our friends....

Excited about the Chromebook? We want to know...

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