It looks like Nokia's Windows Phone prayers might have been answered. Reports suggesting that Samsung may purchase the company would place the Finnish manufacturer at the number one spot on WP7 sales.

Pocket-lint got in contact with Nokia and Samsung after the Wall Street Journal published a story suggesting a potential takeover. Neither would comment. 

As Nokia rushes to prepare Windows Phone 7 devices for the end of the year, the Samsung purchase could provide that extra manpower boost the company needs. Recent rumours have pointed to Microsoft as the buyers for the stricken Finnish mobile manufacturer, something which chief exec Stephen Elop has denied. 

"There's absolutely no discussion. The rumours are baseless. It is as clear as that," said Elop at this years D9 conference. 

A Samsung spokesperson has told the Wall Street Journal that the Nokia buyout is "a market rumor and we don't comment on rumors,"

The exactly value in Samsung's purchase of Nokia remains to be seen. For a company currently competing with the likes of Apple, there is little that Nokia could bring to Samsung's battle-plan. 

Like the idea of a Samsung/Nokia friendship? Or should they keep themselves to themselves...

Hunter Skipworth

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