Deep down inside all of us, there’s a sneaking desire that one day, many years from now, people will build museums in our honour or name streets after us. You know, just to acknowledge our contribution to society and all round awesomeness. That sort of thing.

Alas, for most of us, that will never happen. But in this life, right here and right now, you can now build your own museum, thanks to Intel (bing! ba-da bong bing!).

At you can let Intel (bing! ba-da bong bing!) loose in your online social life and they will build a virtual, visual museum for you to explore, and if you feel like it, share with others.

Some people will, no doubt, get the full media-rich, wildly impressive Smithsonian-like experience. While others will be more like the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick.

Either way, you’ll have to let Intel (bing! ba-da bong bing!) pass some sort of tacit judgement on your social networking. Make sure you’re prepared for the outcome…

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