Think you've got what it takes to play Gears of War 3? Well this video might make you think again showing just how mega some of the badies are in the game. 

Demoed by Cliff Bleszinski, the lead on the Gears of War project, and rapper Ice-T at the Microsoft press conference at E3 (he's in it), it shows Marcus Fisher and the gang taking on a massive leviathan (that's a big fish monster to you an me) trying to do it's best to kill them all. 

Five minutes later and the two gamers have finished off the beast, but not before giving us a quick taste of what to expect come September when the game is out on the Xbox 360. 

Later, in a private behind closed doors briefing with Pocket-lint Bleszinski added that one of the key things Epic (that's the company developing the game) wanted to make sure was that the online gaming experience was the best that it could be. 

Claiming that the initial online experience of Gears of War 2 wasn't as good as he had hoped, the man in charge believes this time it will be better, much better, and that's partly down to the multiplayer beta some gamers have already been enjoying. 

How is it going to be better? Bleszinski says it's down to three main elements - reading the forums, trusting the data, and trusting their gut.