We’ve seen the trailer, but judging by the 6-minute demo of the new Tomb Raider game just shown at E3, there is a dark and sinister angle to the new Tomb Raider game that's due out for Christmas 2012.

Rebooting the franchise to show a much younger Lara Croft (don’t worry she isn’t that young), the opening sequence we were shown shows Lara having to escape from what appears to be a cannibal about to eat her.

Showing a stack of new control mechanisms and in actual fact a much whiner Lara (she is still tough as nails) the game’s stunning graphics are sure to impress as long as the project isn’t delayed.

Not much was given as to what, who, why, and where, but initial impressions is that it’s going to be Uncharted with a girl, complete with jumping.

That’s no bad thing in our minds, after all, many see Uncharted as Tomb Raider with jumping.

Maybe Nathan Drake and Lara Croft should go on a date.

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