APP OF THE DAY: Homerun Battle 3D (Android & iOS)

There are some app games which are good for filling in a little time here, and there and there are some app games which will take over your life. This is one of the latter.

Prepare to never leave the house again, because here's...

Homerun Battle 3D

Android & iOS


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For us, Homerun Battle 3D is basically the complete game. Out for nearly two years now, the app has a seriously large player base and for very good reason. It’s excellent.

The pitch (pun intended) is a baseball game where you’re the slugger at the plate and you’ve got 10 strikes to score as many points as possible. Tilt your device to aim the wing of the bat, tap the screen to swing. All very simple stuff.

What makes this game such a winner is the wonderful detail. Firstly, the gameplay is smooth and the graphics appealing. Tick. Hit a home run and you’ll get a genuine sense of satisfaction as the ball sails over the fence and smashes into the scoreboard. Start hitting them consecutively and you really begin to wrack up the points with each successive heavy strike awarded by a further multiplication bonus.

If you’re really lucky, the pitcher - who’ll be doing his best to mix it up with curve balls, fast balls, sinkers and sliders - will chuck you a bonus ball to sky rocket which might either give you a life back, put another multiplier on your hit or even a special bonus golden ball to keep, but more on that in a moment.

There a couple of basic one player modes as well as an online match up where you can take on other players all round the world to see who can reach a certain score fastest. And within all of this is a host of achievements to earn which win you more golden balls when you unlock each one.

Now, the trick with theses golden balls is that they can be exchanged in the game shop for better gear which ultimately means that you can hit the ball further and therefore score much higher much more easily, and this is essentially where the addiction lies. As you get better and better you begin to climb your way up the rankings but it’ll take a fair while what with the 3 million odd players on the platform already. You’re unlikely to reach the top but it’s easy enough to progress pretty quickly for a good while.

We’d normally recommend the lite version of the game to check that you like it but there’s really no need to bother. Just jump right in and get playing. It’ll be the best app money you’ve spent for quite some time.

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