It looks like games streaming service OnLive is finally headed to British shores, with the launch of this website which shows a countdown for signup in the UK. 

OnLive works by streaming games from cutting edge machines in server farms to a tiny little home console. Content is then played across the internet with little or no latency whatsoever and in high definition. Obviously this does depend on the quality of your internet connection, with American gamers getting 720p at 30fps with a 5mbps connection. Standard definition is possible at 1.5mbps. 

The idea is that OnLive can be played anywhere and on any console, the announcement of a Universal Controller bringing with it the possibility to game properly on iPads and even Android tablets. 

OnLive is currently quite good chums with BT and plans to work closely with them at launch. We spoke to OnLive to try and determine exactly how but they kept schtum. Presumably it will be connected with BT Infinity, their fibre optic package.

Mac gamers in particular will enjoy what the service has to offer, allowing you to play games at full settings on any computer or laptop. That means running Crysis maxed out on a Macbook Air.

Going on what current American customers currently have, those who like to game aplenty will enjoy OnLive's PlayPack; a sort of all you can eat service where you get unlimited access to more than fifty games. Casual gamers can rent titles or purchase them outright, with titles linked to their membership then kept in the cloud. This means they can be played wherever the service is signed into, be it tablet, laptop or home console.

Fancy a bit of streaming? Or are discs your thing?..

Hunter Skipworth

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