For experienced eBay sellers there are some golden rules.

These are: don’t set a silly reserve price, don’t pay for a gallery (link your images from another site) and don’t get Marjorie from next door to model your mum’s knitwear collection if you expect it to fetch a fair price.

It would seem that there are many, many inexperienced sellers who don’t know about this last, and arguably most important golden rule.

You can treat as a bit of lighthearted and gently mocking fun, and perfect time-wasting fodder for a Friday, or, as we do, you can treat it a valuable resource on how not to do things on eBay.

We have definitely not spent many, many hours laughing at these hapless individuals. Oh no. We have looked upon page after page (after page, after page) of poorly displayed fashion and just wished that we could offer a few words of guidance to these people.

Poor lambs.

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