As if Windows 8 getting official wasn't exciting enough, along comes a slew of ARM based tablets running the OS. 

The reshaping of Microsoft's Windows goldmine is a pretty radical move, the live tile setup bringing it more in line with its Windows Phone 7 operating system. It could be that Microsoft is trying to jump on the tablet bandwagon before it is too late. A legitimately competitive OS that can take on the likes of Honeycomb and iOS could see it face far fewer problems than Windows Phone 7 has had against the already established smartphone landscape. 

Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president of Windows Planning, Hardware and PC Ecosystem, was on hand to show off the new Windows 8 tablet prototypes at this years Computex. Qualcomm, Nvidia and Texas instruments have all gotten involved with the tablet design. This means some boast the powerful quad core Kal-El processor that Nvidia demoed last week. Instant sleep wake times have been promised by Qualcomm as well as USB host support.

The tablets will likely never see the shop shelves as they are simply demo units. In fact the name Windows 8 may not even be finalised, as we posted earlier, its only a codename. Microsoft however does definitely plan to enter the tablet market with its new OS, but on what device and with what name remains to be seen. 

Hunter Skipworth

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