In a move that looks set to put Shift 2's 'helmet cam' to shame, the next Forza Motorsport is to ship with Kinect integration that allows the in car view to be controlled with your head.

Head tracking means you can look at the apex of corners or stare at the highly detailed car interiors designed for the game. 

We like the idea of putting Microsoft's Kinect to use in such an unobtrusive way. Rather than making the game directly about the motion controls, it looks like developers are simply adding to quality core gameplay.

Currently the little information we have on Forza 4 comes from last year's E3 demo which displayed the games new lighting engine in action, as well as the improved audio and aerodynamic properties of each car.The Kinect will also allow you to 'walk' around the car, admiring the detailing and design of the high res renderings.

Top Gear also looks to be heavily involved just as was the case with Gran Turismo 5, with what looks suspiciously like their test track appearing in leaked footage of the game.

Expect 16 player races, more than 80 manufacturers and of course the Kinect cockpit view, which may even allow you to steer the car with a virtual in air steering wheel.

We will have plenty more details on Forza 4 when Pocket-lint finally gets a proper look at the game at this years E3.

Hunter Skipworth

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