Talk about shooting yourself in the foot..Motorola has managed to leak the XOOM 2, four handsets and even a watch phone while carrying out a site redesign.

The pictures grabbed by show a pair of thin phones from Motorola dubbed the Slimine and the Zaha, the former sporting a silver back in what could either be aluminium or plastic. The Zaha looks more like a Web OS handset, with rounded edges and a shiny back. 

Unfortunately dedicated images of the XOOM 2 weren't grabbed before Motorola took the pages down but the corner of the tablet can be seen in the screengrab below.

Perhaps most bizarre is the decision to bring out a watch phone called the Tracy XL. Not sure exactly what sort of operating system will be running on that one.

As of yet its pretty much impossible to deduce what sort of hardware the handsets will contain, whether they will keep their names or look the same in final build. What we can say however is that the Zaha boasts the usual Android buttons at the bottom of the handset, so expect it to be running that.

We phoned Motorola and asked for more on the leak but they kept firmly schtum.

Hunter Skipworth

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