Apple will continue to use Google mapping data to power its iOS navigation app, according to Eric Schmidt. 

The Google executive chairman revealed that the two tech giants had "renewed a mapping relationship" at this years All Things Digital conference in California. Apple has been working on ways to improve its smartphone navigation software for some time, as it's being rapidly overshadowed by that of Android. 

9to5mac recently published a story which cited sources as pointing to Google Maps for iOS 5, and not the dedicated Apple-developed service many were expecting. 

The last few years have seen Apple purchase two substantial mapping services; Poly9 and Placebase, as well as advertise jobs relating to maps improvements. The Cupertino based company is set to be in direct competition with Google over its recently announced iCloud music services, not to mention the iPhone versus Android battle.

What to expect in term of maps with iOS 5 is still difficult to determine, but without turn by turn directions expect to see many an iPhone user switching to Android.

New maps on iOS5? Or do you like things the way they are?...

Hunter Skipworth

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