The Call of Duty franchise looks set to get a Facebook style boost this November when the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 3 launches. Shipping with the game will be Call of Duty Elite, which aims to bolster the experience with online stat tracking, downloadable content and player interaction.

Call of Duty Elite will be part paid for service, part free to use. The Facebook style interactions will be available to all without charge, those who want to access things like game performance analysis and DLC will need to pay.

Things are going to be run on a monthly subscription basis, the exact cost of which is yet to be announced.

A video detailing the exact functions of the service has emerged calling it "an online service that lets you form groups, share films of your games and study maps and weapons". Call of Duty Elite will also work across the games franchise and not be limited to Modern Warfare 3. Live feeds and stats help you to build knowledge of weapons "trends" so you can learn what sort of arsenal is proving successful in different maps. The theater allows you to share videos with Elite itself, but also YouTube and even Facebook. 

Given the current buzz about this years other first person blockbuster; Battlefield 3, it looks like Activision and Infinity Ward are going to have to pull out all the stops in order to retain their crown. 

Picking up Modern Warfare 3 on day one? Or is Battlefield 3 your kind of thing...Let us know!

Hunter Skipworth

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