Ever wondered what would happen if you made a gigantic Hot Wheels track and launched a real life car off it? Well we did. And thankfully our demands have been met by Tanner Foust who flung himself off a giant orange ramp in a truck, covering 332ft in the air, smashing a world record in the process. 

Foust made the jump prior to the Indianapolis 500 to a crowd of thousands.Things get almost surreal mid-jump when it looks like the truck itself has started flying. 

In a behind the scenes video (see below) Foust explains exactly how he made the jump work. Flying down the huge orange ramp he even managed to change gear. As soon as the ramp ends he slams his foot on the throttle, building up as much speed as possible for the jump. There is an emergency abort ramp just prior to the jump, but he explains it's almost pointless given the speeds required to make such a huge leap.

Foust is a famous stunt driver, his talents being put to use in films like The Dukes of Hazzard and Iron Man 2. 

For some reason Foust's identity was kept secret before the actual jump was carried out in public. His face is blurred out in the video below which was released by Hot Wheels.

Ever jumped a car? We want to know!

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