For those still showing off their Tegra 2 tech, prepare to have your tech pride squashed somewhat by this demo vid of Nvidia's quad core Kal-El chip.

The "Glowball" video shows the first ever proper dynamic lighting generated by a mobile chip and features graphics that could rival that of Sony`s NGP due out later this year. Included in the demo tech are plentiful shiny surfaces and shadows being cast as well as some clever physics. Things run smoothly most of the time, framerates do however drop dangerously low when the action starts to heat up. 

Nvidia has said that the Kal-El chip should be around five times faster than current Tegra 2 devices and that it can even outpace a Core 2 Duo processor, although which one exactly remains unclear. Devices rumuored to be using the Kal-El chip include Amazon's Hollywood tablet, details of which are scarce.

The video features a pre production version of the processor that according to Nvidia is 20 to 30 per cent slower than the one which will hit store shelves. 

With all these extra cores being added and Nvidia's plans for even more powerful processors to be released over the next few years, we can't help but be slightly concerned about the hit that devices battery life could take. All this power is in danger of bringing tablets and phones below that sacred nightly charge threshold.

Devices using the Kal-El processor could be due out as early Christmas this year, Nvidia has told technology website CNET.

Purchased a Tegra 2 device? Or waiting for Kal-El? Let us know....

Hunter Skipworth

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