Can caravanning ever be cool? As somebody who spent way, way too many family holidays stuck in a wheeled 14 x 7 aluminum shrine to Formica and floral curtains, I’m not so sure.

But those childhood excursions were bloody good fun, even if the accommodation was a bit on the cozy side.

These days, with people tightening the purse strings wherever they can, hitching up and taking to the road with your holiday accommodation in tow is seeing a bit of a resurgence in popularity.

So, we thought we'd see if it could be done without the need to buy a Volvo and some comfortable corduroy trousers.

Turns out, you can.

At, for example, you can stay in vintage and classic caravans from every era, including the fabulous old wooden ones. No Monzas or Sprites here (I know my stuff, see?).

Oh no. This is pure kitsch holiday fun in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

If you’ve never tried a caravanning holiday, this might be one way to tempt even the harshest of critics.

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