Lady Gaga. Now, got your attention didn't it? Love her or hate her, you just have to take a step back and admire what she's done. She's conquered the globe in no time at all and she's done it all through clever marketing of her own image.

A massive part of that image is the quirky fashion she displays every time she steps out, and it's fair to say that she's spawned a whole new style which many would love to emulate. Apart from maybe the meat dress. That was just wrong.

But where do you go for this kind of kit - more off the wall than off the peg?

One place you can try is, a pioneering fashion site which brings together some of the more eclectic designers and labels for you to pick choose from to build your own style.

We're mainly jeans and T-shirts here (with the occasional shirt for posh parties) so we probably won't be stocking up from here.

But if you're a "little monster", this might be right up your street.

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