While Twitter has been closely examined by the UK government of late, for its part in the recent football star super injunction scandal, the US President is hoping to draw upon the knowledge and Internet know-how of its CEO as part of a new advisory panel.

Barack Obama has appointed Twitter's chief executive officer Dick Costolo to an advisory committee on national security and telecommunications in the US. He joins, among others, David DeWalt, president of McAfee, and Scott Charney, vice president of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group.

Costolo's new role comes on the back of the tech head honcho dinner Obama had at the White House back in February. Then, the Twitter boss was joined at the top table by a host of other luminaries on the US technology scene, including Google chairman Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg. Although it seems that he was the only one to make a lasting impression.

Or was available...

Should the UK government also draw upon the experience and knowledge of our technology companies? Let us know in the comments below...

Pic: Flickr / Joi.

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