APP OF THE DAY: NHS Direct (Android)

We've covered all sorts of things as part of our daily app series, including the good, the bad and the utterly ridiculous. However, sometimes we like to offer something a little more serious and today's app is one that could make a real difference to your life. Developed in conjunction with the UK's National Health Service, this free app acts as a extension of the NHS Direct phone and web service.

NHS Direct (Android)

Android 1.5 or later
Android Market

Like the existing service, the new app acts a a symptom checker, so that you can look up your ailments yourself, with the idea being to take pressure off of local NHS services. Obviously this isn't to suggest that you use the app for advice if you've just accidentally chopped your arm off. If there's something seriously wrong with you then obviously you should be heading straight for the nearest A&E department and not arsing about with apps on your phone. However, for minor symptons, it's a very useful tool indeed.


The app makes use of all 37 of the NHS Direct's online symptom checkers that require you to answer a series of questions after which treatment advice will be offered for minor problems, such as hayfever and colds. For anything more complicated, the app will suggest a call-back from an NHS advisor or if necessary suggest that you seek immediate medical attention.

If you're Apple user then don't worry - an iPhone version is due to hit the App Store in June.