Apple computers are renowned for their virus free environment, so you can imagine the fear struck into Mac user’s hearts last week when they learned of the credit card hunting Mac Defender malware.

The Cupertino based company immediately rushed to bring out a short-term fix to squash the malicious software. This, however, now appears to have been bypassed by a new variation of the malware. The original software had gained access to your system via a somewhat complex install, the new version however doesn’t even require you to enter a password. 

Apple plans to release an entire update for OSX specifically aimed at getting systems rid of the program. Meanwhile, it has released in-depth instructions on getting rid of the malicious software yourself.

A page on the Apple website describes how the software works, pointing to MacDefender, MacProtector and MacSecurity as its most common names.

The new more potent version of the malware continues to hunt for card details embedded within your system. Beware any software called MacGuard, the renamed version of Mac Defender. 

Apple is going to have to work hard to get a fix out for the new version, these guys clearly know what they are doing.

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Hunter Skipworth

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