HTC Chief Executive Peter Chou has reaffirmed his company’s support of WP7, announcing plans to bring out handsets powered by the new OS update, nicknamed Mango

“We have some Windows Mango phones,” Chou told Reuters. And added, “We are very committed to Windows Phone products.”

Windows Phone 7 sales figures have been all over the place since launch, with a reported 1.5 million handsets sold in six weeks, a fraction of what Google and Apple manage. 

Mango acts as a stop-gap between a full blown WP7 software update set to arrive next year. Microsoft plans to introduce features with the OS upgrade that are commonplace on most other smartphone operating systems, including things like multitasking and speedy app switching. Also included in the 7.5 update will be an brand new IE9 browser and Bing-based features such as the Google Goggles-style ‘Bing Vision’.

Despite HTC’s mammoth success with Android, its Microsoft allegiance seems stronger than ever. The Taiwan based manufacturer has been producing handsets for the software giant for several years now, helping spearhead many of its software launches. Given its current mobile sales and an announcement that it expects revenue to double this quarter, if anyone can make WP7 play sales catch up it will be HTC.

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Hunter Skipworth

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