Our first thought when we saw this video was that it was surely fake.

Our second thought, when reading about the technology in a Technology Review from that MIT, was that it must be real and we wanted in immediately.

Our third thought, when seeing the giant camera rig attached to the chaps head to make it work was that perhaps we didn't want in immediately - we'd wait for the camera technology to slim down a bit first.

But it's still absolutely cool and mind-blowing nevertheless.

Created by researchers in Germany, the invisible phone works by transferring the iPhone screen onto a hand and then using the depth cameras to monitor touches that are then sent to the device.

The MIT report explains:

"The camera 'subtracts' the background and tracks the finger position on the palm. It works well in various lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. Software interprets finger positions and movements and correlates it to the position of icons on a person's iPhone. A Wi-Fi radio transmits these movements to the phone."

Cool stuff, we're sure you'll agree and definitely something for Jobs and the gang to consider for the iPhone 5. Or the iPhone 15 perhaps.