Console footage of the next instalment in Electronic Arts' FIFA franchise, FIFA 12, has been leaked online. The shakycam video shows a whole raft of new features, including realistic player injuries, and a new impact engine that results in some graphically spectacular fouls.

The biggest selling point in this year's upgrade, from what we can assess from the clip at least, are the overall improvements to the dynamic physics engine. EA has been working hard on improving the realism of the game, and from what we can see, the developer has cracked it.

We're also keen on the footage shown of the new shielding mode, where players can be bundled over or, even, back into their opponents. The Pocket-lint team is certainly hoping that this is supported by more realistic refereeing decisions too.

It may not be coming for a while yet, after all, the 10/11 English football season isn't even over yet, but this has started to whet our appetites already.

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