APP OF THE DAY: Napster (iPhone)

With Spotify recently announcing that it would be cutting back on the amount of free listening that it offers, it seems that subscription services are the way forward. Today's app of the day - Napster Unlimited plus Mobile - from digital music pioneer Napster is here to cement that theory.

Napster (iPhone)

iOS 3.0 or later

Set to go head-to-head with Spotify's subscription service, the new offering includes unlimited access to the Napster catalogue for just £10. You can use the service on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and there's also an Android version to keep fans of the Google OS happy as well. The update means that listeners now have access to more than 15 million tracks on the move across multiple platforms.

As well as streaming music, the service enables offline access to the last 100 tracks that you've played (including playlists), so even if you've got no Wi-Fi or 3G reception, you'll still have some tunes at your fingertips. Along with that, you'll also get all the usual Napster goodies including recommendations, music charts and new releases.

If it sounds too pricey, or you're only after streaming on your computer, then there's also a £5 per month home entertainment streaming-only subscription option, which will enable to to stream to your computer, but not your mobile phone.