Nokia invites you to help craft future mobile phones and devices

Nokia has launched an initiative for inventors, experienced or otherwise, to submit ideas and inventions for consideration as new products. Invent with Nokia is a scheme designed to garner external expertise and help in crafting the company's future phones and devices.

It's a bit like Dragon's Den without the snide comments.

Tweeting openly under its official name, @nokia states: "Got an idea to improve mobile phones or services? We want to hear from you". With a link taking you through to a newly created holding page for the venture.

Those who wish to take part are then encouraged to register with Invent with Nokia, and then submit their proposals.

CEO and president of Nokia, Stephen Elop, believes that the next generation of technological breakthroughs could even come from outside the company: "We recognise that there is tremendous intellectual property both inside and outside Nokia," he says. "By connecting with inventors outside of the company, we believe we can support inspiring inventors and engineers, while strengthening our future."

Of course, some cynics would suggest that by looking outside of its own four walls, Nokia has run out its own ideas. But not us of course...

Here's one idea for free though, maybe Nokia should try getting its Windows Phone 7 handsets onto the market before interest in the OS fades... Just a thought...

What do you think? Are you interested in the initiative, or does this mean that Nokia is desperate for external aid? Let us know in the comments below...