Before  digital cameras came along, photography was something for the "enthusiast". It was considered a hobby, a pastime, a passion.  If you had the skills, you could even turn it into living, and if you were half decent, and very lucky, it could be a good living too.

Now I'm not suggesting for a moment that the Donovans, Baileys and Snowdons had it easy, but these days there certainly seems to be a lot more competition out there if you want to become a renowned snapper.

These days, everybody's got a camera and they're not afraid to use it. Photo sharing sites have boomed and even national newspapers are regularly publishing shots captured on mobile phones.

So for those who still consider themselves to be enthusiasts in the true sense, getting noticed can be tricky.

At you can highlight your creative lensework and maybe even make a bit of cash too. They run regular competitions and, although the standards are very high, it's open to all. You can pick up tricks of the trade from some of the more expert users and even if you just have a flick through, you're bound to find some inspiration.

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