A video has appeared online that purports to be secret filming from within a Nintendo Project Cafe briefing. Slides showing the new console, formerly known as the Wii 2, are clearly seen, as is a stand-up device itself. However, some games experts suspect that the footage is fake.

There has been some gravitas of late that the new console will come with a touchscreen remote, and the video clip shows a joypad with what looks like a colour screen. And there are schematics of the machine displayed. But no sound.

Eurogamer is remaining sceptical: "Is the footage real? Could be, but take with a generous pinch of salt," it says.

In addition, Videogamer.com is concerned with the timing and shoddy nature of the clip: "We're not convinced," it states. "With the presentation not looking professional enough to have come out of Nintendo, we're more inclined to believe this is some sort of student presentation based on the idea of Project Cafe."

And from our experience at Pocket-lint, we can't see how anybody could record footage of such a sensitive release by Nintendo with a mobile phone without anybody noticing.

Naturally, Nintendo is keeping tight-lipped with a "can't comment on rumour and speculation".

So, it's up to you to make your own minds up.

We guess we'll all find out for real on 7 June at E3.

Is it real? Could this be the console due to launch at E3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...