Some things just go together: fish and chips, strawberries and cream, real ale and pork scratchings. Do you also remember that night at the Brit Awards, when New Order went with Kylie? Who would‘ve thought it?

The humble mashup came to the attention of the great unwashed that night with Can’t Get Blue Monday Out of My Head and since then, the previously underground art of splicing two songs together to make a sweet sounding hybrid has gone big time.

The perfect mash mix takes real skill. Mixing two songs together so they seem like they were destined for each other takes a good ear and some evil mixing skills. Mixing three together is beyond the realms of most amateurs and the more tracks you add, the harder it gets.

At  we get to actually see what a top-class mix looks like. With a stunning visualiser of a Daft Punk mega mix.

It’s totally hypnotic and leaves us with nothing more to do than salute the mixers - may they continue to reinvent the musical wheel.

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