Smart car maker Mercedes-Benz asked tweeters to come up with their visions of the future and this is what it looked like.

No, not a Smart fortwo electric car covered in black doodles - that would be a fairly boring (and strange) vision of the future.

It's the doodles themselves you should be paying close attention to - they are the ideas tweeted to artist Johanna Basford, who spent a total of 24 hours over two days transforming the nippy car into a work of art.

There's over 150 ideas on board the car-canvas and it was all in aid of the the launch of the smart urban stage on London’s South bank - "a pop-up showcase for ideas and innovation for the future of the city".

Gary Savage, MD Mercedes-Benz UK said: "The smart twitter art project was a huge success, capturing the public’s imagination and giving them the opportunity to express their vision of the future.  It was fitting that the illustrations were drawn onto a smart fortwo electric drive, which is a key part of smart’s vision of the future of mobility."