The dreaded slide deck. If you spend your life drifting in and out of meetings for a living, you’ll know that as soon as you hear that phrase “I’ve got just a small slide deck to share” then you know that the interminable hours that follow will be time you will never, ever get back. Death by PowerPoint should be right up there with waterboarding and stress positions on the list of things that make up a bad day at the office.

But if only all slide shows could be like these. A slide bomb is a collection of the best bits of the web. Pictures, videos, links, animated GIF  - all wrapped up into a themed bundle of your choosing, ready to drop on whomever you like. It’s a great way to bring a little order to the multimedia madness of the web and it’ll certain wipe the smile off the face of Derek in accounts the next time you have to present something.

Not a single line graph or flow chart to be seen anywhere at

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