Gaming ain’t what it used to be. Certainly not if the recent issues Sony have had with its PlayStation network are anything to go by, anyway.

But once upon a time, and it really doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago, the humble Game Boy ruled the roost.

It’s still held up (admittedly, usually using two hands) as the ultimate portable video game. Times have moved on and these days we’ve even got 3D gaming in the palms of our hands, but the appetite for those heady days of blocky graphics and bright colours is still as strong as ever.

At, as the name might suggest, you can play a whole selection of classic Game Boy titles online, for free.

Gamers of a certain age (i.e. most of us here) will wallow in nostalgia. Newbies will laugh, cringe, and then get just as hooked on Mortal Kombat as we were, and still are.

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