Google Android by the numbers

Google has confirmed that it has activated over 100 million Android devices around the world as well as sharing a number of stats that only developers and geeks could get excited about.

Here is Google Android by the numbers:

- 2.3.4 The version number of Google Ice Cream Sandwich, the company's new phone OS.

- 3.1 The next version of Google Honeycomb.

- 8 versions of the operating system releases so far.

 - 36 manufacturers make Android devices.

112 The number of countries Android is available in.

- 215 carriers around the world offer Android phones.

 - 310 devices including the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Sensation.

- 100,000 That’s the number of activations per day in 2010.

 - 200,000 The number of apps now available in the Android Market.

 - 400,000 devices activated daily in 2011.

 - 450,000 developers signed up and making apps.

 - 1,000,000,000 applications have been downloaded in last 60 days.

 - 4,500,000,000 applications installed on phones and tablets in total.