This is another one of those sites where we really wish we’d been in the room when they were discussing the name. Whoever game up with is either a certified genius or a stranger to the English language.

No, it’s not a site about offal, and despite any other slightly odd connotations thrown up by its moniker, Ntrails is a simple enough premise: it’s an online treasure hunt. (Ntrails is also the name of the snail mascot, which still doesn’t make much sense to us). Play games strewn across the Internet and come back to type in your resulting pass codes. If you’re first past the post, you pick up the prize money, which has just been doubled to a handsome $500 - just for playing games.

The hunt, and the games you find along the way, should keep you busy for quite a while, and we reckon if this one takes off the prize money could grow with it.

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