You've got to hand it to Sodastream. They could've just ridden the wave of nostalgia that's sweeping the globe and crossed their fingers and hoped for the best. No doubt somebody would have picked up the homemade drinks fountain as a suitable object of desire and they might've sold a few more units.

But nope, they've bucked that trend and come out with a smart, well thought through argument in favour of using their product - it's environmentally friendly.

Bottled water (a concept that our grandparents' generation would rank right up there with fish needing bicycles) generates a truly horrific amount of waste every year. And the worst thing is, that waste doesn’t go anywhere. It just sits around polluting waterways and landfill while nature tries in vain to break down all the plastic.

Regardless of the swanky ads and health benefits, it's a filthy business.

Sodastream are challenging the dominance of the throwaway plastic bottle by pointing out that just one of their carbonators makes 60 litres of fizzy drink, and then you refill the whole thing and start again.

That's got to be a better option, hasn't it? It certain makes you think.

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