APP OF THE DAY: Videolicious review (iPad/iPhone)

Hastily filmed mobile phone video clips uploaded to Facebook by your chums often make little or no sense, particularly if there's no explanation to go with them. Videolicious aims to put that right, by enabling you to edit your clips into a documentary-style video with as little effort as possible.

Videolicious (iPad/iPhone)

iOS 4.2 or later/iPhone 4/iPad 2

The idea behind the app is that you can turn your raw video footage from your iDevice into properly edited videos to share with your pals. And the best bit is that you can do it in just three easy steps. Firstly, you need to choose your video clips and/or photos from the library on your gadget. Secondly, you use your Apple gadget's camera to film yourself talking about the pictures or videos in your 'movie'. Then, thirdly, you select a song from your music library to use as the soundtrack.

Now you've done the easy stuff, the app takes care of the tricky bit by automatically editing together your original footage with your commentary to make a documentary-style video. You can then upload the finished article directly to Facebook or YouTube from the app and 'hey presto'! No more indeterminable video clips to baffle your mates with, just slick, well-edited movies.

To use Videolicious, you'll need to be packing an iPhone 4, iPad 2 or 4th gen iPod touch.