London has many fine traditions. Red buses, black taxis, grey skies, world class shopping, royal palaces and arguably the finest theatres in the world.

Another fine tradition that has been adopted over the past few years is a line of eager theatre goers queuing in the middle of Leicester Square. The reason they queue is to get their hands on half-price theatre tickets from the now famous booth that sells them.

This site,, won’t actually sell you the same tickets (they’re not that daft), but it will tell you what’s playing and what their prices are.

A night at the theatre can be an extortionately expensive night out these days, so anything that can take a few quid off the face value of West End tickets has got to be a good thing.

There are serious savings to be made here, so if you’re planning a trip to London any time soon, and you fancy a night out in theatreland, bookmark it now.

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