Angry Birds and Cut the Rope publisher Chillingo has revealed its latest lineup of iOS gaming apps including trivia-based Quiz Climber and platform puzzler Storm in a Teacup and we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview.

First up is Storm in a Teacup from Cobra. This comprehensive platform game sees a fella known as storm zooming around colourful landscapes in a teacup, picking up sugar cubes and various stickers and keys along the way. There are also simple physics puzzles to crack while you're at it. Packed with cool, stylised graphics, the action takes places across land, underground and out at sea with each location having a very distinct look.

As well as the standard gameplay, you can also play a series of 'survival' levels. As the name suggests, these are single-screen levels for more serious gamers where the aim is to survive for as long as possible, while collecting sugar cubes. As an extra touch, the developer has made the game credits into a playable level. The game is available soon for 59p and there's also a free, lite version to give you a taster.

The next title in the pipeline comes from Buzz! developer Relentless Software and is called Quiz Climber. It's a question-packing game that sees you playing as as squirrel-like cartoon character, known as a quizzel. Taking inspiration from Who Wants to be A Millionaire, the multiple choice questions get harder as you move up the tree on the gaming screen. Each correct question sees your quizzel moving up to the next branch and you'll see your friends' quizzels on the tree as you beat their score and pass them by, effectively integrating a graphical leader board into the actual game.

Like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, you'll get lifelines in case you don't know the answer which can be earnt along the way the more that you play. The game currently has 3,000, but the developer also plans to constantly update the selection so that you shouldn't encounter too much repetition. There are 50 questions to answer in order to complete the game, although the developer wouldn't tell us what happens when you reach the top of the tree, so you'll just have to wait and see. The app is due to launch in the summer and it will be free to download.

The next title on Chillingo's list is Spider Jack which is likely to appeal to fans of Cut the Rope, as it features similar gameplay, albeit spider-based. The idea is that Jack the spider is trying to get to the flies that are caught in his web using a series of pivot points to swing around on his thread, while collecting as many stars as possible to boost your score. There are 75 levels to work your way through.

Naturally, its get harder as you progress through each level. It's available now - the iPhone edition will cost 59p, while the iPad version will cost £1.19.

Next up, is Saving Moo - a fun game that greets you with B-movie style titles complete with cool UFO graphics. The premise is that you're a farmer who's been abducted by aliens and somehow ended up with telekinetic powers. Safely back on Earth, your task is to defend your cows from being taken by the pesky aliens.

To do this, you have to swiftly collect the bags of manure produced by your cows which earns you points to buy various weapons which can shoot down the UFOs. There's an arsenal of 16 different weapons on offer with everything from radio launchers to flaming marshamallow shooters. It's a fast-paced game and there's even a Super Cow which, like Angry Birds' Mighty Eagle, turns up and destorys everything in its wake. This one's made for the iPhone and iPod touch and although there's no set date or price yet,  it's likely to turn up in Q3 with the usual 59p.

Completing the lineup is Spoing. All the diamonds have been stolen and it's your job to negotiate the caverns to find them, using a series of catapults to work your way upwards and find the gemstones. Compared to the frenetic pace involved with most of the new games, Spoing is a surprisingly relaxing affair, largely thanks to the sound of catapults, which sound like the strings of an instrument being plucked.

What's more, you can choose from a selection of tunes or even opt for a track from your own music library to use as background music. Spoing is due to hit the app store next week with the familiar 59p price tag.