It looks as if Google is going down the same line as Apple for its TV commercials. What we mean by that is a heavy dose of cheesy mush.

The kind of mush that you're likely to see in a PJ Hogan movie, or anything starring Robert Pattinson.

But you know what, Google's latest Chrome advert really tugged at Pocket-lint's heartstrings.

Maybe it's the sight of poor little Sophie in the hospital. Or maybe it's just Sophie growing up too fast.

Or maybe it's just the geek in us getting all a flutter as, clear as day, Google seems to be showing off a +1 extension for Chrome.

Yeah that'll be it - we've been excited about +1 ever since the Big G spilled the beans on it back in March.

Now, can someone pass us some tissues, please?  We've got something in our eye.