The internet has brought us many things. Feline pianists, startled rodents and more “epic fails” than you can shake a broken skateboard at. It’s also brought us the fabulous concept that you can get most things for free.

It’s an idea that seems to be woven into the very fabric of the web - somehow; paying for things just feels a bit wrong. We’re not advocating piracy here, just that if you want to do something, you can probably find a version of what you want to do online for nothing.

Gaming is one thing. We fill our news and review pages with everything you could ever need to know about the state-of-the-art consoles, controllers and games on the market. But what if you want to just kill a bit of time with some mindless fun?

Allow us to introduce, a collection of Flash games for all to enjoy for nothing. They’re not Black Ops, obviously, but they’re good fun nonetheless.

It’s play time.

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