If there's a healthy future for the film industry, we reckon this is definitely a significant part of it. This London-based initiative has come to the attention of an industry approaching crisis point, what with the demise of the UK Film Council, swingeing arts cuts elsewhere and film funding generally being increasingly hard to come by through traditional means.

But that hasn't put the brakes on the British film industry - far from it in fact. Now our innovative film makers are just finding ways to get money from new sources, or simply making movies on significantly smaller budgets.

And that's where microwave.filmlondon.org.uk comes in. It's full of resources for film makers, with advice on making movies on a shoestring, and also for finding the necessary funds in these economically challenging times.

Recent successes associated with Microwave include the critically acclaimed Shifty, from Eran Creevy. And guess what - his new project has a multi-million pound budget.

A mighty oak  from this particular acorn, it would seem...

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