Not that long ago, photojournalism was something that only an elite few got involved in, or certainly became successful doing. Tales of derring-do and near-death experiences, all in the name of "getting the shot", were the legends and meal tickets of Fleet Street and beyond.

But then cameraphones came along and with them the idea of citizen journalists - ordinary people capturing extraordinary events and bringing them to the attention of the masses.

This is the next logical step.  taps in to the popularity of social networking, but brings with it the hard-edged pictorial  presence of a news wire service.

Take a picture and upload it and soon it could be rubbing shoulders with images from some of the best snappers around. You can then link through to Twitter or Facebook and show off your wares, or even better than that, if Glopho manage to find a buyer, you get paid. There's apps available for major platforms, so getting involved is dead easy too.

There's really no downside to this exciting new way to share your pictures and if you're in London tomorrow, there might be something worth taking a picture of...

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