Some years ago, BC (before children), the only time I reached for a Haynes manual was when which ever bucket of rust and loose connections I had for a car decided to let me down again. But then, when Mrs H fell pregnant with Number 1, somebody sent me the Haynes baby manual. It was a game changer.

If you’ve not been through pregnancy yet, you’ll have no idea what to expect should you ever wander down that particular avenue of life’s great adventure. If you have, you’ll probably remember the madness only too well. 

One thing that kept happening to us was that we were asked the strangest question on a fairly regular basis: “what books are you reading?”

Clearly, The Da Vinci Code wasn’t the answer they were expecting, as it seems the modern parent-to-be is bombarded with know-it-all tomes from well meaning sources, which profess to explain everything you could possibly ever want to know about having a child. But there’s always been that difference between “want” and “need” and trust me on this, the only book any bloke will ever actually need is the trusty Haynes.

They’ve been the name to trust for technical manuals for decades and the range is growing every year. If it can be taken apart and put back together again or better understood through a pictorial "how to" session, there’s probably a Haynes manual for it. They also do things like Royal Marine fitness and a guide to teenagers (I’ve got that one on pre-order…)

If you need an easy to follow manual, is where to come.

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