As the youth of today like to say: OMG. This is a site unlike anything we’ve seen and it’s both fun and frightening at the same time.

In quite possibly the most involved way imaginable, at, VW are trying to persuade us all to buy their cars because, in the long run, they’re more economical.

They illustrate the point by taking us through an imaginary little world and helpfully totting up what everything in the average person’s life actually costs. The starting “average” is enough to make you splutter into your morning cuppa, but once you start customising the different areas, you might find the true cost of your own life a little bit more than just average.

It’s sobering to see the numbers add up and as a marketing campaign it’s pretty bold. Potentially, VW’s customers might decide that with everything else going on, they can’t afford a new car after all. But I guess that’s the misconception they’re trying to shatter.

Bold, creative and clever.

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