This site hit the headlines in London yesterday and it caused quite a stir. Not because it's a blatant infringement of people's privacy and civil rights, or that it might a bit, well, tacky. 

Oh no. It's caused a stir because women are swooning over the display of masculine gorgeousness and men are clamouring to be included. Cue lots of ill-advised, hastily-purchased-for-the-commute-home muscle shirts and lots more ladies with phones clutched at awkward angles in sweaty but beautifully manicured hands on the Tube in rush hour. 

We're pretty sure if the gender roles were reversed the site would be universally condemned, but this way round it's apparently acceptable and clearly a lot of fun for some. 

In the (really, very, very, extremely) unlikely event that a picture of me appeared ever here, I'm not sure how I'd feel. Flattered? Violated? Hard to tell, but either way I think I'd want it taken down pronto. 

The next step might be turn this into a kind if dating site. This might be logical, and indeed profitable for those involved, but sounds like an even bigger can of worms to us. 

Take a look at and let us know what you think.

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