It’s probably true to say that your average student will think they know their way round the internet pretty well by the time they get to college. But finding the trendiest new music, the latest bootleg Hollywood movies and the best collection of keyboard cat spoofs isn’t going to help towards getting a degree, is it?

So these handy tutorials will guide the uninitiated into a hitherto undiscovered country - the internet as a research resource.

There is an almost limitless wealth of information out there that could make the difference between a barely scraped Douglas, a decent Desmond or an out of this world Geoff. All you need to do is learn how to find it.

At you’ll find the tutorials broken down by subject and they really lift the veil on the intricacies of finding your way round the web and separating the academic wheat from the chaff.

A useful site to bookmark as the crucial third semester looms for many.

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