In celebration of reaching 300,000 fans of its Facebook page, Gameloft released a teaser picture of the latest sequel in its N.O.V.A. first person shooter franchise for smartphones and tablets (including iPhone and iPad), N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: Elite.

Now, the French developer has rewarded gamers with a trailer of the new title, featuring a whole stack of multiplayer gameplay goodness. It's a real frag-a-thon.

The latest game may even make it onto connected and Smart TVs from a variety of manufacturers.

When speaking to Pocket-lint back in February at Mobile World Congress, Gameloft's senior vice president Publishing, Gonzague de Vallois, told us, "I think that, with more power coming to the TVs, we will have more and more manufacturers there. And better and better gaming experiences."

Surely, that will include the latest in the company's biggest series.

Halo? Schmalo!