Being British carries with it a reputation sometimes. There's binge drinking for one. Being a bit reserved is another (probably down to the constant hangover, but nobody's ever put two and two together). A spirit of adventure and not taking "no" for an answer is yet another example of fairly typical British behaviour. And long may that one continue.

Last year, a team of students from London's Imperial college proved just about everybody wrong when they designed, built and then drove an electric car the length of the United States, just to see if it could be done. But this was no G-Whizz city runaround. This was a full-on electric supercar, modelled on a track-going Radical.

They achieved what was said to be impossible and this week, the amazing car, the SRZero, is on display, for a limited time, at the Science Museum in London.

All the background info on the project is here at and if you're a petrolhead who's willing to risk being converted to greener pastimes, it'll be well worth a trip. But be quick - after today the car rolls off into the annuls of motoring history. Until the next grand adventure that is...

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