Times are tough for everybody at the moment. Except maybe MPs. Oh and the bankers of course - things are still pretty rosy in the Square Mile. But for the rest of us mere mortals, it’s a frugal time.

So it was no surprise recently to see a large number of arts organisations in the UK see massive cuts in their budgets. The creative arts aren’t seen as a priority in these austere times, so organisations have to seek funding elsewhere.

One body doing their bit to fill the shortfall is the Art Fund and a great way to get involved is to buy one of their National Arts Passes. Not only do you help to fund the arts, but you get free entry to over 200 galleries and exhibitions and reduced entry fees at countless others.

For a modest outlay, you can save a load and do your bit to help the arts.

Apply for yours today at www.artfund.org/join.

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