David Lynch is, arguably, one of the most important and influential film directors of his generation. He’s also, arguably, completely bonkers. At least that's what his body of work might lead you to believe.

In fact, he's actually quite unassuming and, well, normal, as anybody who's interviewed him will agree. Most people find him slightly disarming, as he doesn't conform to what they thought about him. And that's his genius made flesh - he doesn't conform.

His films are famous for the bizarre characters, stilted surreal dialogue and their haunting, atmospheric soundtracks, and it's this last bit which brings us to www.davidlynch.com.

The film director has turned his home page into a music download service, where you can pick up favourite soundtracks and the latest new music that has come under the director’s creative wing.

It's an astonishing collection of contemporary American music, much of it previously unavailable, and a truly mesmerising site to spend a little time on.

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