HTC Europe Vice President Florian Seiche has officially confirmed that the HTC Flyer, the Android tablet with HTC Sense will be coming to the UK on 9 May. 

The tablet, first announced at Mobile World Congress in February, has been the focus of much rumour and speculation after numerous UK retailers vied to get in on the action as to when it was coming to the UK. 

Both Carphone Warehouse and Clove previously stated the same May launch timeframe. 

However those looking to get it for the price of a Motorola Xoom or an Apple iPad shouldn't hold out much hope. Although HTC has yet to confirm a price, both retailers are saying the 7-inch tablet will cost £600. 

The news comes as the company prepares to launch the HTC Sensation, a new 4.3-inch Android touting smartphone that will replace the HTC Desire HD.